Friday, August 28, 2009

Another Poll

I found another poll on Samurai Country page. This is interesting. Check the link and scroll down to the Nobunaga and Tenka poll.

Apparently this was aired during the week.

The way the Oda machine was going after eliminating the Takeda in the spring of 1582 was full steam ahead.

Lamers Japonius Tyrannus page 195.

"At the time of his violent death (Nobunaga), says Berry, 'Nobunaga still faced the Mori, Shimazu, Uesugi, Date, Hojo, and Chosogabe-houses-collectively more formidable than those he had already taken. The Oda advances by 1582 provided little assurance that further gains were likely.' The fact of the matter is, however, that both Shimazu of southern Kyushu and the Date of northern Honshu maintained friendly relations with Nobunaga. Additionally, the Hojo had fought under his command in the 1582 Takeda Campaign; the Uesugi was a house divided against itself; the Mori was a formidable but retreating opponent; and the Chosogabe was a second-rate, if not a third-rate enemy."

Things did look bright for Nobunaga before his death. If he did not perish on June 2, 1582, Sengoku Japan would have been very different than what we know today.

Tenka no tame!

Monday, August 24, 2009

Seminar In Aichi

This is a bit late, but please check this out. On August 30, there will be a seminar with various speakers. Topics include Ieyasu's mother Odai no kata and the Battle of Nagashino.

Here are the links.

I think the topics that will be discussed are great. Love to attend. However, I will be about a month late since I will be in Japan on the first week of October.

Still no arrival yet on my books. When I do receive them, plan to write a book review.

Nobunaga no tame!

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Nobunaga versus Shingen Poll

I found this poll on the net and it was interesting. Oda Nobunaga versus Takeda Shingen: who would win? The poll showed Shingen would have triumphed.

Here is the link:

Normally, I would disagree with this garbage. However, I do agree with this poll for several reasons. Tokugawa Ieyasu lost big time to Shingen at the Battle of Mikatagahara in 1572. Ieyasu barley escaped. If he was KIA at Mikatagahara, Nobunaga would have been in deep trouble. However, Ieyasu lived for another day and the rest is history

Shingen was clearly making his move in late 1572 and the early part of 1573. The Asakura and the Azai would have helped Shingen by trapping Nobunaga. However, 1573 changed everything. Shingen passed away in April of 1573, the Asakura and the Azai were no more, and the banishment of shogun Ashikaga Yoshiaki created more breathing room for Nobunaga and Ieyasu.

I would like to see an open battle between the "Fool of Owari" and the "Mountain Monkey." I think most Sengoku history buff would too.

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Saturday, August 15, 2009

Akechi Mitsuhide The Movie

Directed by Nishitani Hiroshi (2007)
Akechi Mitsuhide Karasawa Hiroaki
Oda Nobunaga Uekawa Takaya
Hashiba Hideyoshi Yanagiba Toshiro
Hiroko Nagagawa Masami

I have to admit this film could have been better. I expected a three to four hour movie about Mitsuhide, but left with a sour taste in my mouth. The movie is about less than two hours and I am thinking why? To tell you the truth, I do not know why.

Karasawa Hiroaki played a decent Mitsuhide, but at times drifted away. Nobunaga was portrayed as stiff, cold, and inhuman like. I was upset about that, but I am going to let this slide because the movie was not about him. The movie is about Mitsuhide. Hideyoshi is the star of the show. His energy and enthusiasm alone carried the movie. Without his spunky behavior, the movie would been a dud.

The action is the movie are few, but tense. At least the director got me hooked on that. The slaughter at Mt. Hiei is one of the best I have seen since the movie captures the horror. The expressed shock the Oda army when the people fled for their lives. Mitsuhide looks horrified about the massacre. I do not blame him on this one. However, one of the best parts of the movie was when Nobunaga threw his sword at a bunch of monks praying stabbing one in the back. The Nobunaga way: finish them off.

Mitsuhide had enough and eventually rebels against his lord. It is bit different from most of the Honnoji Rebellions I have seen, but enjoyed it. Nobunaga puts up a good fight before he dies. However, the two talk before Nobunaga walks into the flames of hell to kill himself. Not to be missed was the part of the movie was when Nobunaga beat the living hell out Mitsuhide.

That being said, I think this was a chick flick in many ways. I cannot describe it. The director should have gone back further in Mitsuhide's days in Mino and Echizen. After all, Mitsuhide was a talented man in warfare and in the cultural arts. He did loved his wife Hiroko and family and it showed in the movie. Mitsuhide at times was unsure about himself and it showed in the movie. That trait alone eventually cost him his life.

I will keep the movie since I plan to watch it again in about six months. Hopefully, my opinion would change. Doubt it.

Nobunaga no tame!

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Nobunaga Summit at Komaki

There is a conference or summit about Nobunaga in the Komaki City area on September 5-6. I hope Dohaland and Samurai Country will cover it. I would love to go, but the conference is one month early since I will arrive in Japan the first day of October.

Here are the links to the event.

I would love to attend. If anybody does attend the Nobunaga conference, please share your thoughts.

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Monday, August 10, 2009

The Mino deed

Before Saito Dosan perished at the Battle of Nagaragawa in 1556. He wrote his will/deed to his son-in-law, Nobunaga. Dosan did not want his evil son, Yoshitatsu to obtain the deed. Dosan was one of the few men who recognized Nobunaga's genius. I have loosely translated the deed to the best of my ability. Here it is:

I write out this malice to soon end
to my hearts content.
I give Oda Kazu no Suke Nobunaga Mino

and present transfer documents to him.
Rather than suffering and dying in old age,
I would be happier dying in a midst of bloody battle
and then attain nirvana.
I shall lose tomorrow's battle, that I am sure.
However, where my soul shall dwell
after leaving this world.

Koji 2 Year
April 19 Saito Yamashiro Nyudo Dosan

I have high respect for Dosan since he knew Nobunaga's rare talent. God Bless him for that.

Nobunaga no tame! Mino no mamushi!

Friday, August 7, 2009


I just ordered three movies and plan to see them next week.

The three ordered movies:

The Conspirator
Tokugawa Ieyasu and his Three Ladies
Akechi Mitsuhide: The Man God Hated

I must admit I am truly looking forward to seeing Akechi Mitsuhide: The Man God Hated. What I heard from the grapevine was that the movies is a must see. I plan to write a review of the movie. Also I am in the middle of planning a trip back to Japan in early September. As always, my trip is centered on Nobunaga.

Tenka no tame!