Monday, May 30, 2016

Another Okehazama Festival

Sunday June 12th, there will be another Okehazama festival.  This Okehazama festival in particular will have a reenactment starting from Kiyosu Castle to the Okehazama Battlefield.  This is one festival I would love to participate in and later give my two cents on the battle in English or Japanese.

The link for more information:

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Saturday, May 28, 2016

2016 Azuchi Matsuri

The 2016 Azuchi Matsuri will be held June 5.  Another great festival dedicated to the Uesama and Azuchi Castle.  For more information:

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Tuesday, May 24, 2016


As I am writing my new novel about Nobunaga and Dosan, I am understanding Oda Nobuhide a bit more.  I found some information about Nobuhide's mother.  Inui no Kata/Ganshouin died in 1527.  She was the daughter of Oda Chikuzen no Kami Sukeyori.  Oda Nobuhide built a temple in honor of her mother in 1528, Ganshouji.

Link for temple information in Japanese:

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Saturday, May 21, 2016

2016 Okehazama Rekishijin

There is a great article on tactics used by Nobunaga at the Battle of Okehazama.  Rekishijin online mentioned that Nobunaga used something similar to Takeda Shingen's Furin Kazan banner.  Article is in Japanese:

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Thursday, May 19, 2016

Fort Zenshoji Arial

Today is Battle of Okehazama Day!  Here is something different.  An arial photo of Fort Zenshoji.  On the right, you can see where the moat was.  Nobunaga built Fort Zenshoji in 1559 and Sakuma Nobumori was in change of the fort.  It was massive too.  The fort measured 768 by 118 feet in length. After the Battle of Okehazama, Nobunaga ordered Nobumori to be in charge of Narumi Castle.

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Monday, May 16, 2016

2017 Gifu Video

There is a great video about next year's Gifu 450th anniversary.  It is a tourist promotion video, but covers a lot on Nobunaga, Gifu Castle, and Tenka Fubu.

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Thursday, May 12, 2016

Nijo Castle News

There is some major news in Kyoto about Nobunaga's Nijo Castle.  It seems there was a third moat that has been recently discovered.  Nobunaga built Nijo for the 15th Ashikaga shogun Yoshiaki in 1569.  However, the shogun rebelled against Nobunaga in 1573 and the Uesama banished Yoshiaki later that year.  If it the archaeological diggings proved to be correct, Yoshiaki built the third moat for defense against Nobunaga's attack.  It did not matter in the long run since the shogun lost power and was banished from the capital.  Nijo Castle fell into disuse and later some of its materials were used to build Azuchi Castle.


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Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Okehazama 2016 Flyer

The Arimatsu Okehazama Festival will be held this weekend at the Arimatsu Okehazama Kosenjo.  I wish I could go and participate in the festivities as I did last year.  Mr. Yukio Kajino was kind enough to make a flyer about me and Okehazama, my participation at last year's festival, and my new Okehazama novel.  The original is in color and I had to print the flyer in black and white.  Thank you Mr. Kajino, I will be back next February.

As for the Battle of Okehazama, I have some interesting news.  I am currently reading a book Futatsu no Okehazama no Kassen "Takeda Nobutora to Oda Nobunaga" by Takeda Kensaku.  The is a good read so far.  It describes Takeda Nobutora's victory over the Imagawa (led by Kushima Masashige) at the Battle of Iidagawara in 1521 as his Okehazama.

Now some news on the Arimatsu and Toyoake Battlefields.  Both battlefields are close to one another.  By foot, according to Mr. Takeda, it is approximately 13 minutes apart (p. 96).  Now imagine the Battle of Okehazama in your head.  There was a lot of chaos and confusion going during the battle.  Soldiers fleeing for their lives as Nobunaga's army went for the kill.  Cut the time walking time in half or even two thirds.  Your approximate time to both sites might have been five to seven minutes.  I have always said both battlefields are related somewhat.

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Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Okehazama Kosenjo Dengakutsubo

May is the Battle of Okehazama month.  So I found some information on the Okehazama Kosenjo Dengakutsubo landmark at the Arimatsu Okehazama Battlefield.  The landmark was erected in 1933 (Showa 8) by Mr. Okehazama (Wataru Kajino) father Magosaku Kajino.  Information like this is key to know the Battle of Okehazama, the battle that Nobunaga famous.

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Sunday, May 1, 2016

Teramoto Castle

Earlier this year I was able to visit the ruins of Teramoto Castle with Mr. Okehazama and the Kajino family.  Teramoto Castle played a huge role in the Battle of Muraki (1554).  In fact, without their defection to the Imagawa, the battle might not have taken place.

Teramoto Castle was built by Hanai Harima no Kami between 1441-43 near the Chita Peninsula.  The castle was near the ocean at the time and had a clear view of the area.  In tactical terms, it was the perfect place to build the castle.

Just before the Battle of Muraki, the Hanai family present hostages to Suruga forces and declared themselves allies of the Imagawa.  For Nobunaga, this meant access to Ogawa was cut off.  As for the Arao family (ally of Nobunaga), which governed Kida Castle, they now had another enemy at their doorstep only 1.7 miles away.

Nobunaga along with help of the Mizuno family defeated the Imagawa forces at the Battle of Muraki with the use of firearms.  The next day, Nobunaga attacked Teramoto Castle and put it to the torch.  The Battle of Muraki 1554 was six years before the Battle of Okehazama.

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