Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Nobunaga Castle Affairs

At the moment, four of Nobunaga's castle are creating a Nobunaga Castle Cultural Affair.  It sounds great.  The participants include Kiyosu Castle, Komaki Castle, Gifu Castle, and Azuchi.  However, Nagoya is somehow left out.  To the cultural affairs people, did you know that Nobunaga spent most of his youth at Nagoya Castle?  Yes, that is right, he spent most of his youth there.  Do the right thing and add Nagoya.  Here is the link in Japanese: https://t.co/0B1ScGqCm1

Nobunaga no tame!

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Eleonora Nappi said...

Yeah, it's the "team" behind the castles stamp rally that it's happening since a while by now: http://daevakun.altervista.org/shinchou/rally.php
I think that Nagoya is not included for touristical reasons, as this is a way to give more visibility to less popular destinations... Though, on 2013 there was a Nagoya stop in the stamp rally (I guess it was some annyversary of the city of sort, though).