Friday, December 27, 2013


I received Kicho&Nobunaga, a fiction novel by Rumi Komonz for Christmas.  This is a novel about Nobunaga's wife Kicho (Nohime) and the book does provide details on her eventful life.  I plan to write a book review later next month.  So far the novel is interesting and easy to read.  The great part about the book is that it is written in English.  That being said, I do recommend this novel if you want to understand the life of Nohime.

Tenka no Tame!

Sunday, December 22, 2013

Honnoji Restaurant

On my month and a half trip back to Japan, I had the opportunity to eat lunch at Shincho-Saryou in Kyoto.  This is the Honnoji restaurant that opened earlier this year and my experience there was simply awesome.  My lunch was simple, rice porridge with Japanese pickles, white miso soup, warabi mochi for dessert, and some hot tea.  It was delicious and I went back there for a second time before heading home. For the Oda Nobunaga freaks, this is simply heaven.  You feel like you have stepped back into the time of the Uesama.

You are not far from the original Honnoji where the Uesama made his last stand.  Not only that, but you are only about two blocks from the Nanbanji landmark as well. If you inform one of the staff members before leaving, they can give you directions to the Nanbanji landmark.

The atmosphere at Shincho-Saryou is relaxing.  There is a video display showing how the art work was being done and the creation of the gallery.  The price is 500 Yen to enter the art gallery, but well worth it in my opinion.  The chairs have the Oda crest and the staff is very helpful, kind, and will make sure your experience there is a good one.  I will certainly make a return trip there in the future.

Note:  They are closed on Tuesdays.

The link to the restaurant:

Nobunaga no tame!

Friday, December 20, 2013

I am back

I am back after a month and half trip in the motherland.  It was successful on several fronts, especially the Okehazama research.  I was able to meet with Mr. Okehazama (Wataru Kajino) and we all had a great time discussing the battle and its role in Japanese history.  We later visited Muraki, Ogawa, and the place where Nobunaga and his men celebrated the Muraki victory.

Second was traveling around Nagoya visiting several landmarks related to Nobunaga.  There are more than you think.  I was able to take many pictures and talked to the locals.  Gifu was a success as well as the castle park excavation is still going strong.  In fact, I was able to see them in person which was a real treat.

Tenka no tame!