Wednesday, December 20, 2017

2017 The Year Of Gifu

2017 was a special year for Gifu since it was the 450th anniversary of its founding by Oda Nobunaga.  Here are some things that went on in Gifu during its year long celebration:

  • Japan Golf Open held in Gifu with Nobunaga as its symbol
  • Water flow and ponds discovered at Gifu Castle Park
  • Nohime's room discovered at Gifu Castle Park
  • Megalith discovered at Gifu Castle Park, used by Nobunaga
  • The highly successful Nobunaga Gallery held in Gifu
  • 2017 Gifu Nobunaga Matsuri
  • Nobunaga exam held in Gifu
  • Nobunaga Gifu Palace tablet used by tourists
  • Gifu FC soccer team Oda crest jersey
  • Statue of Dota Gozen (Nobunaga's mother) and baby Nobunaga at Kani-shi Gifu
  • Numerous Nobunaga Forums held in Gifu throughout the year
There were many more special events related to Nobunaga and Gifu in 2017.  When Nobunaga conquered Mino in 1567, history changed in Japan.  With the help of his Zen monk friend Takugen Shuon, Inoguchi was changed to Gifu (with Chinese) origins along with Nobunaga's Tenka Fubu slogan, Gifu became more prosperous and powerful.  Nobunaga's headquarters in Gifu meant his travel to Kyoto was cut in half, a good thing.

There is an old saying, "He who controls Mino will control Japan."

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Tuesday, December 12, 2017

Tiger's Mouth at Komaki Castle

There is more archaeological evidence that Komaki's honmaru on the western side had a Tiger's mouth castle structure.  The Honmaru had a southern and eastern entrance and now a western one that was recently discovered.  Nobunaga only stayed at Komaki for four years (1563-7).  That being said, the castle's fortifications used more stone than usual and it was a dry run for Azuchi.


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Thursday, December 7, 2017

Water Flow and Ponds Found at Gifu

According to the recent excavation work done at Gifu Castle Park, Nobunaga's Gifu Palace had artificial water flow and ponds.  Simply beautiful!

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Tuesday, December 5, 2017

PR Disaster at Nagoya Castle

This weekend at Nagoya Castle was a PR disaster for anyone who a Nobunaga fan.  This new Nobunaga statue which was shown to the public at the Ni no Maru section of the castle was not a true representation of Nobunaga.  Instead, it was an anime figure who is supposed to be Nobunaga from the comic Ikusa no Ko.  This statue belongs at a theme park or restaurant, not a place where Nobunaga lived.  If they wanted to display a young Owari no Utsuke era Nobunaga statue, that would have been easy.  A statue of him wearing his tiger/leopard skin hakama with a sleeveless top, multiple gourds around his waste with his swords armed with a matchlock rifle by his side.  This would have been a more accurate display of Nobunaga during his time at Nagoya, not some lame comic character.

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Friday, December 1, 2017

Nobunaga's Pillow

Here is something that you do not see everyday, a pillow owned by Nobunaga.  The one on the left was used by Nobunaga.  The one on the right was given to Mizuno Torazaemon by Nobunaga.  Both pieces are owned by Sokenji Temple located at the Osu Kannon area in Nagoya.

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Tuesday, November 28, 2017

Nobunaga Festival at Nagoya Castle

I just received this flyer on a short notice last night on a Nobunaga Festival at Nagoya Castle.  The festival will be held on Saturday December 2nd.  Nobunaga will appear along with the bushotai along with a Battle of Okehazama theme and other fun stuff.

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Sunday, November 26, 2017

The Meaning of Hazama

For those who want to know the meaning of Hazama, here it is: Narrow valleys sandwiched between the hills.  This is where the Battle of Okehazama took place in 1560.  The picture above is from the Owari Meisho Zue (1841) Okehazama Kosenjo.

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Wednesday, November 15, 2017

Komaki Castle Discovery

There has been some archaeological findings at Komaki Castle of late.  The news from Komaki is that there is a third entrance to the castle's honmaru.  The south and east side has already been confirmed.  Now the third side is the west side.  Why?  Shortest route to the honmaru where Nobunaga's residence is located.  Nobunaga used Komaki Castle as his headquarters for only fours years (1563-67).  In 1567, Nobunaga moved his headquarters to Gifu in 1567.  As for myself, I have only been to Komaki once.  Another trip is much needed.

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Thursday, November 2, 2017

New Nagashino Book

There is a new book out on the Battle of Nagashino by Mr. Kobayashi.  Kobayashi, who is in his 80s, looks at the musket balls that were found at the battlefield.  The price of the book is 2,000 yen.


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Wednesday, November 1, 2017


The construction of the forward outpost Sunomata was key for Nobunaga's conquest of Mino.  Constructed in 1566 with the help of the Men of the Fields and Tokichiro (Hideyoshi), Sunomata made sure that Nobunaga would be on the offensive when attacking Mino.

Passage from David D. Neilson's Society at War:
Page 202.

"The construction of the fort at Sunomata can be broken down into three basic components.  The first component was the fort buildings and main enclosure that surrounded them.  Second were the moats in front of the walls to make the approach more difficult and hazardous.  Third, was the construction of a horse-stopping fence that enclosed the entire perimeter of the camp that was indented to keep the enemy, and particularly, mounted cavalry, at bay.  The horse-stopping fence also had the benefit of keeping enemy musketeers and archers at a distance which even if it did not put them out of range of the fort itself, would have degraded their accuracy considerably.  The horse-stopping fence was reinforced by a moat.  Once their presence was discovered by the enemy, the group expected to be attacked.  Their primary mission was to complete the fort so that it could be passed off to Oda Nobunaga's main force troops as a forward base of operations from which to launch the offensive into Mino.  If the Men of the Fields were going to be successful in their task, it meant construction would have to continue nonstop, even if they were under attack."

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Thursday, October 19, 2017

Mitsuhide Statue In The Near Future?

There might be plans to build an Akechi Mitsuhide statue at Nango Park in Kameoka City.  In a way, if the project is a go ahead, it will be good news.  The only Mitsuhide statue at the moment is at Sakamoto.

Link in Japanese:

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Wednesday, October 18, 2017

More 2017 Nobunaga Gifu

A friend from Italy has a nice blog post on Nobunaga and Gifu's 450th birthday.


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Thursday, October 12, 2017

2017 Kenkun Jinja Matsuri

Kenkun Jinja will hold their yearly festival on Thursday October 19th.  Kenkun Jinja is a small shrine located in northern Kyoto.  The shrine houses Nobunaga's armor, a copy of Ota Gyuichi's Shincho-Ko ki, and the great Samonji sword that was used at the Battle of Okehazama (Nobunaga's war trophy).

Link with English information and video:

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Tuesday, October 10, 2017

2017 Soken-in

Kyoto's Soken-in at Daitokuji is open for the fall again.  For those who want to see a huge wooden statue of Nobunaga, his grave, his sons grave, the grave of his wife Nohime and concubine Onabe no Kata, this is your chance.  The dates are 10/7 to 12/8 (October 7th to December 8th).  Admission is 600 yen.


This is a rare treat and I have been able to visit the temple a few times to observe Nobunaga's grave.  A must see for those who love the Uesama.

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Friday, October 6, 2017

Nobunaga Gallery I

More news related to Gifu's Nobunaga Gallery.  There is a display of Nobunaga's outfit that was used in this year's Taiga drama Ii Naotora.  A must see for sure.  As for myself, it seems that I went to Japan too early this year as I am missing all the great things related to Gifu and Nobunaga.


Nobunaga no tame!

2017 Nobunaga Kiyosu Festival

Apologize for the short notice, but the 2017 Nobunaga Kiyosu Matsuri is this weekend at Kiyosu Castle.  October 8th is the day the festival will be held.  Thee will be a warrior parade, matchlock rifle shooting, and more at Kiyosu Castle.


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Sunday, October 1, 2017

Katahara Isshiki Castle

Katahara Isshiki Castle located in Owari was the home of the Hashimoto Family.  This was the home of Nobunaga's gun instructor Hashimoto Ippa.  His fame to claim was the Battle of Ukino in 1558.  Mikawa Hide has a link on Ippa:

Here is part of passage from the Chronicle of Lord Nobunaga on the Battle of Ukino and Hashimoto Ippa.

"As a man called Hayashi Yashichiro, a native of the village of Asano who was a famous archer, was fleeing from the battlefield with his bow, Hashimoto Ippa, the famous harquebusier, went for him.  Since they were long-time friends, Yashichiro shouted to Ippa, 'I'm not going to spare your life!' 'Understood,' was the response.  Yashichiro nocked a shaft fitted with an arrowhead about four sun (twelve centimeters) long to his bow, turned back, and sent the arrow flying deep into Ippa's armpit.  But Ippa, who had loaded his harquebus with a double charge, took aim and fired too. Yashichiro fell to the ground." (p. 106)

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Sunday, September 24, 2017

Origins Of Gifu I

Gifu's origins were from China.  I wrote a post about two years ago explaining why Nobunaga chose to rename Inoguchi to Gifu in 1567.  Perfect for Gifu's 450th anniversary.


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Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Nobunaga Golf

Nobunaga golf?  Well, the 2017 Japan Open will be held at the Gifu Seki Country Club in October.  From the logo above, yes, it is Nobunaga golf.  Enjoy.

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Saturday, September 16, 2017

Nobunaga Painting at Daitokuji

If anyone is in the Kyoto area in the next couple of weeks, they are in a real treat.  At Daitokuji Temple, there will a display of a painting of Nobunaga.  Starts on September 16th and ends on October 15th.


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Friday, September 15, 2017

Mitsuhide Letter II

I have some more opinions on the recent Mitsuhide letter and why he wanted to work with the disposed  Ashikaga shogun Yoshiaki.  Just before the Honnoji Rebellion, Mitsuhide was a man who has serious doubts on what course of action to take.  Mitsuhide was probably a man with low self-confidence, a big mistake.  If you want to be the supreme ruler of Japan, confidence is a must.  While Mitsuhide was a decent Oda captain, he did not have the charisma or skills that Nobunaga had to be one man show.  So in Mitsuhide's mind, he probably needed Yoshiaki (who still had the Ashikaga name and title) to rule through since he did not have the leadership he needed.

There is reasons why Nobunaga was successful.  He had self-confidence, leadership, and charisma.

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Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Mitsuhide Letter I

Continuing with the Mitsuhide letter with an English article.


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Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Mitsuhide Letter

There is recently a discovered letter written by Akechi Mitsuhide to Tsuchihashi Shigeharu who was in opposition of Nobunaga in Kii not long after the Honnoji Rebellion.  The letter states that Mitsuhide understands that former Ashikaga shogun Yoshiaki will be in Kyoto and one of the reasons why he rebelled against Nobunaga was to restore Yoshiaki to his proper place.  Also Mitsuhide knew he would battle it out against Hideyoshi and seemed to be at ease.  I find that hard to believe since after Nobunaga was killed, Mitsuhide's mindset was one of what to do next.  He waited and made no military decisions, which cost him his life.  Also he underestimated Hideyoshi's diplomatic skills which he made a quick deal with the Mori.

As for Ashikaga Yoshiaki, he was a feeble, cruel, and evil man.  Nobunaga wrote him a letter stating that even the peasants call you the evil shogun.  Nobunaga had the chance to kill Yoshiaki, but decided it was not in the best interests.  He was quoted as saying,"Let future generations be my judge."  After Yoshiaki was banished in 1573, the high and low called Yoshiaki, the "Beggar shogun."


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Sunday, September 3, 2017

Letter by Hosokawa Fujitaka I

I have some more information about the letter by Hosokawa Fujitaka.  It seems that Fujitaka wrote the letter in 1572 to Toji Temple (located in Kyoto).  He was given permission by Nobunaga to collect rice for emergency storage (from the Shoryuji Castle fief), but informs the temple that the rice will not collect it from part of the land. One reason why it was a request from Akechi Mitsuhide.

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Friday, September 1, 2017

Letter by Hosokawa Fujitaka

There is a recent discovery of late about a letter written by Hosokawa Fujitaka (1534-1610) which mentions Nobunaga and Akechi Mitsuhide.  Fujitaka was the lord of Shoryuji Castle at the time.  Nobunaga's army attacked the castle in 1568 and handed it over to Fujitaka.  One can see Nobunaga's name written on the letter third column on the right.

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2017 Gifu Nobunaga Matsuri

The 2017 Gifu Nobunaga Matsuri has been set and will be held on October 7/8.  Actor Fujioka Hiroshi will be the grand marshall of the Nobunaga parade.  He played the role of Nobunaga in the Taiga drama Onna Taikoki.  This year's festival is extremely special since it is the 450th anniversary of the founding of Gifu by Nobunaga.

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Saturday, August 19, 2017

Nobunaga Gallery Attendance

There is some big news regarding Gifu's Nobunaga Gallery.  Over 45,000 people have visited the Nobunaga Gallery so far in about a month.  The attendance keeps increasing as the word spreads out and this in general keeps Nobunaga as the top dog as the most popular historical figure in Japan.

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Sunday, August 13, 2017

Okehazama and Ise Shrine

I found an interesting article on the Battle of Okehazama yesterday.  The article briefly states Nobunaga's tactics, the two battlefields (Arimatsu and Toyoake), Yoshimoto's goal, and a letter to the Ise Shrine.  It appears that one of Yoshimoto's retainers from the Sekiguchi/Sena family wrote a letter two months before the Battle of Okehazama to Ise Shrine stating that the Imagawa will unite the Tokai region and will be even stronger with Owari in their hands.


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Friday, August 11, 2017

The Sport is War

Slayer's War Ensemble:

"The sport is war total war
When victory's a massacre
The final swing is not a drill
It's how many people I can kill."

This was true during Nobunaga's career as well as other Sengoku warlords in 16th century Japan.  It was the age where bloodshed was king and the sword ruled the land.  From Okehazama to Nagashino, Nobunaga killed the enemy as much as can.  It did not matter if they were killed on the battlefield, assassinated, or starved to death.  During the Battle of Okehazama, taking heads were not necessary during the heat of the battle.  That was for later.  Nobunaga was quoted as saying, "Kill and keep moving!"  In this sense, kill as the enemy as much as you can.

Nobunaga no tame!

Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Nobunaga Kentei I

Here is the flyer for the Nobunaga Kentei which will be held at the Nagaragawa International Hall in September.  As for myself, I would love to take this test.  For those who are planning to take the test, I have the perfect study guide.  The Nobunaga Sengoku Rekishi Kentei is the study guide to use to prepare for the test in my opinion.  The book will at least give you a leg up over your opponents who plan to take the test.

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Saturday, July 29, 2017

Gifu Palace Tablet

Gifu is trying to do something different with Nobunaga's Gifu Palace of late.  They have a tablet one can use to show the modern palace area and the one during Nobunaga's time using computer graphics.  From the picture above, it looks awesome.  The tablet will show the garden, Nohime's room, and other items related to the palace.  Unfortunately, at the moment the tablet is in limited use.  However, the tablet should be mainstream by next year.  Languages include, Japanese, English, Chinese, and Korean.

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Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Nobunaga Survey

The city of Gifu recently did a survey on Nobunaga and the results are interesting.

Nobunaga's image 39.7% Original, 26.3% Strong, 13.5% Intelligent, and 12.6% Cruel.

Nobunaga claimed the top spot as Gifu's Sengoku busho.

Nobunaga 57.5% Saito Dosan 31.7% Takenaka Hanbei 4.4%  Glad to see Dosan receiving some decent press since it was him and Nobunaga that made Mino prosperous.

Like Nobunaga?  69.2% Yes 27.6% Do not know, and 3.2% did not like him.

Nobunaga no tame!

Monday, July 17, 2017

Nobunaga Gozen at Nagoya

There is another Nobunaga Era kaiseki cuisine being served up in Nagoya.  The price is reasonable at 3, 800 yen, but you have to make a reservation three days in advance at the Tokugawa Bijutsukan.

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Thursday, July 13, 2017

More Nobunaga Gallery News

Here is more news in Japanese on opening day at the Nobunaga Gallery in Gifu.

Opening Day started with the Nobunaga mannequin standing on an Eiroku Tsuho coin with the voice of actor Takahashi Hideki who played Nobunaga in the 1973 Taiga drama Kunitori Monogatari.  One can even see the Nobunaga armor which was used in Nobunaga: King of Zipangu.  Lots of computer graphics on what Nobunaga's Gifu mansion was like as well as Nohime's room.

Nobunaga no tame!

Nobunaga Gallery Begins

Big news in Gifu, the Nobunaga Gallery has begun!  July 13th to September 24th, the first stage of the gallery is open.  Second stage starts October 6th to December 17th.  This is a must see for all Nobunaga scholars, fans, and the like.  I do like the Nobunaga mannequin as well.  Iza shutsujin!

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Monday, July 3, 2017

Nobunaga Summer Events

If anyone visits Gifu during the summer, there will plenty events related to Nobunaga to attend and participate.  All of the events are for Gifu's 450th anniversary.  For example, the Lord Nobunaga Gallery and Nobunagaten.

Nobunaga no tame!

Saturday, July 1, 2017

Hostage Exchange at Kasadera

In 1549, the Battle of Anjo started again and it the result was not good for the Oda.  Oda Nobuhiro, who was in charge of Anjo Castle in western Mikawa Province was captured by the Imagawa after a year of fighting.  The battle was violent as the Imagawa forces used matchlock rifles to wear down Nobuhiro's army.  As for Oda Nobuhide, the loss meant he had to give up something in order for Nobuhiro to return to Owari.  Not only that, but Nobuhide lost Anjo Castle which was a buffer against the Imagawa and Matsudaira families.

Nobuhide agreed to the Imagawa terms to to exchange young Takechiyo (Tokugawa Ieyasu) for Nobuhiro.  The two families exchanged hostages at Kasadera's Kannonji in Owari.  The consequences were huge.  Nobuhide died only a few years later and the Imagawa expanded their military campiagn towards Owari.  Five years later after the hostage exchange, Nobunaga fought and won at the Battle of Muraki (1554) using guns and eleven years later was the Battle of Okehazama.

As for Takechiyo, he did return to Okazaki for brief moment until he was sent back to Sunpu as a hostage of the Imagawa.  At Sunpu, he was trained under Yoshimoto's military adviser Taigen Sessai.  By the time of the Battle of Okehazama, he was known as Matsudaira Motoyasu and was free after Yoshimoto was killed at Okehazama.

As for Nobunaga in 1549, he accomplished two major achievements, he ordered 500 matchlock rifles from Kunitomo in Omi and signed an off-limits notice to the Eight Villages of Atsuta "Fujiwara no Nobunaga."

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Sunday, June 25, 2017

Pictures of Azuchi, Kenkun Jinja, and More

Yesterday I came across an excellent link related to Azuchi and Nobunaga related temples and shrines in Kyoto.  The link has fantastic photos of Azuchi Castle, the muesum, and the Nobunaga Azuchi Festival.  Other photos include Kenkun Jinja, Amidaji and Honnoji in Kyoto.

My favorite is Azuchi's Seminariyo schedule photo.  The photo describes the seminary's schedule, food, and clothing.

Nobunaga no tame!


Saturday, June 24, 2017

Gifu FC Oda Crest Jersey

Believe or not, Gifu FC, the J-League 2 soccer team will have a special jersey for Gifu's 450th anniversary.  The soccer jersey will have the Oda crest printed on it.  However, there will be only 200 jerseys available to the public and the price is not cheap either, 15,900 yen.


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Sunday, June 18, 2017

Nobunaga Kentei

Big news in Gifu if you ever wanted to take an exam on the career of Nobunaga.  On September 24th, people will have the chance to take the Nobunaga Kentei at the Nagaragawa International Hall.  The application for the test is free and it seems that Sengoku Era historian Owada Tetsuo has a lot to do with the questions for the test.  Those who answer 80% or more will be awarded with a certificate.


As for myself, unfortunately I will not be taking the test since I am stuck in the states.  However, give me a week to review with my extensive Nobunaga library and I will most definitely pass the test.

Nobunaga no tame!

Saturday, June 17, 2017


For anyone who is in Gifu between July14-August 20 is in for a real treat.  The Gifu Museum of History will have a Nobunagaten or Nobunaga exhibition.  The exhibition is only about a month and is part of Gifu's 450th anniversary of its founding by Nobunaga.  While visiting the museum, a visit to Gifu Castle Park is a must for the Nobunaga fan/scholar.

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Monday, June 12, 2017

Nobunaga Gallery

Starting in July, Gifu will be hosting the Nobunaga Gallery.  The Nobunaga Gallery will run until December of this year.  Here is a clip on Youtube:
Unfortunately, I will not have the chance to see it since I was in Japan already this year.  Another great Gifu/Nobunaga promotion for the 450th anniversary of Gifu.

Nobunaga no tame!

Monday, June 5, 2017

Tea Record Found

Recently there was a tea ceremony document discovered related to Nobunaga.  The tea ceremony took place in 5/2 1574, but the document did not record where it took place.  Safe bet it took place in Kyoto since only three days later, The Kamo Shrine Horse Race Festival took place.  The document lists tea articles and foods such as squid and fish cake (kamaboko).

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Friday, June 2, 2017

Were you there at the Honnoji?

Were you there at the Honnoji where the Uesama died for the sins of the Japanese people?

The Chronicle of Lord Nobunaga (p.470) Ota Gyuichi/Lamers and Elisonas

"Nobunaga first grabbed his bow, but when he had let fly two or three times, the string broke, its time apparently having come as well.  he continued the fight with a spear but suffered a spear wound to his elbow and retreated.  Up to that point his women remained by him but now he ordered them, 'get out, hurry!  They won't harm women.' Once the women had been chased away, he had his personal quarters set on fire, and soon the entire building was aflame.  Not wanting anyone to see his final moments, it would seem, Nobunaga retired deep into his residence, shut the door of a utility room from the inside, and coolly cut his own belly."

Nobunaga no tame!

Thursday, June 1, 2017

Nobunaga's Victory Road

Sunday, June 11th the city of Nagoya will celebrate Nobunaga's Victory Road for the Battle of Okehazama.  It all starts at 4 in the morning at Kiysou Castle, then Atsuta Shrine at eight in the morning, and Okehazama battlefield at noon.  This is one of the better Battle of Okehazama festivals out there for sure.

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Monday, May 29, 2017

New book on Oda Nobuhide

There is a new book out by Nobunaga historian Taniguchi Katsuhiro.  His new book on Oda Nobuhide, Tenkajin no Chichi Oda Nobuhide, should be a decent pick up.  The book costs 820 yen.

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Thursday, May 25, 2017

2017 Azuchi Nobunaga Matsuri

The 2017 Azuchi Nobunaga Matsuri will be held on Sunday, June 4th.

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Friday, May 19, 2017

Okehazama 2017

Today is the 457th anniversary of the Battle of Okehazama.  Nobunaga truly shocked Sengoku Japan with his victory over Imagawa Yoshimoto.  For Nobunaga, this is his debut on the national stage and passed with flying colors.  I love to sing and dance to "Atsumori," so this is a passage from the Shincho-Ko ki,

"The human lifespan, fifty years, compared to that enjoyed by dwellers of the Lowest Heavens, is like a dream, a phantasm.  Can there be anything, once given life, that does not perish in the end?  Then he ordered, 'Blow the horns!  Bring my armor!'"

Iza Shutsujin!

Nobunaga no tame!
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Wednesday, May 17, 2017

New Book by Wada Yasuhiro

There is a new book out by Wada Yasuhiro by the title of Oda Nobunaga no Kanshindan.  Wada Yasuhiro has written several articles for the Rekishi Gunzo Nobunaga to Oda Gundan.  The book cost about 900 yen.

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Monday, May 8, 2017

Fort Shokoji

Earlier this years I was able to visit where Fort Shokoji was located at during the Battle of Okehazama. Highly possible that Nobunaga constructed the fort in 1559, one year before the battle.  The fort was located south of Odaka Castle.  According to Sieshiro Mizuno's book, Okehazama he no Michi, Sassa Masatsugu was supposed to be in charge of the fort.  There is still no absolute answer on that.

Nobunaga no tame!

Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Dota Gozen and baby Nobunaga Statues

There is a new statue of Nobunaga's mother Dota Gozen (?-1594) at the Dota Castle lanmdmark located in Kani-shi, Gifu.  Dota Castle is where Dota Gozen was born and her father was Dota Masahisa.  Now this newly erected monument also has baby Nobunaga (Kichiboshi).  Unlike the statue at Shobata where Nobunaga's mother looked completely disgusted with her son, here at Dota Castle, she looks happy as well as baby Nobunaga.

Tenka no tame!