Friday, April 1, 2016

Tendo Shrine

There is a shrine in Kyoto that Nobunaga revived in 1574 that most people do not know or heard of it.  I was able to visit Tendo Shrine on my latest trip to Japan last month.

The shrine is dedicated first to Amaterasusume-Okami, the principal deity of the Ise grand shrine as well as Hachiman-Okami and Kasuga-Okami.  Also called Tendo-gu, the time-honored shire was originally built at present Nagaokukyo city and was moved in 794 to present site Kyoto along with the transfer of the capital by Emperor Kanmu.

The shrine was stood on a much larger scale at the Higashiho-Torii Oike area and was frequently visited by imperials, aristocrats, and townspeople alike. Unfortunately, war and fire destroyed much of the building structure.

In 1574, Oda Nobunaga revived the Tendo Shrine at its present site.

Nobunaga no tame!

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