Monday, January 14, 2013

Nobunaga's Birth I

Still to this day, Nobunaga's birth place is a mystery.  Is is Nagoya Castle or Shobata Castle?  It the past, Nagoya was standard birth place, but now Shobata is excepted and is the new standard.  In fact, there is news that statues of Nobunaga's parents with the baby will be erected at the Shobata Castle landmark.  To tell you the truth, I am still confident that Nagoya Castle is the birth place of the Uesama.

Back in 1532, Nobunaga's father took over Yanagi no maru after he banished Imagawa Ujitoyo (Imagawa Yoshimoto's younger brother) during a linked haiku party.  After he got rid of Ujitoyo, the castle was renamed Nagoya. This makes Nagoya as Nobunaga's birthplace.  His birth date is also is question.  He was born in 1534, but the dates are many.  May 12 is the standard, but the 11th and 28 is also noted.

However, it is said that Nobuhide took over the castle in the late 1530s.  Thus, making Shobata the birthplace.  Oda Nobunaga historian Taniguchi Katsuhiro thinks Shobata is the place.  See his book Owari*Oda Ichizoku if you think Shobata is the place.

As stated above, I think Nagoya is the birthplace of the Uesama.  It just makes sense since it was the strongest castle at the time under Nobuhide's control. More importantly, it was centrally located in Owari surrounded by other Oda castles.  Another factor is historian Owada Tetsuo.  His work on Nobunaga has him always listed the birthplace Nagoya and usually trust his work.

The debate still goes on today and I am very flexible enough to know that Shobata Castle might be Nobunaga's birthplace. However, I am still not sold on it at the time being.  Nagoya for now.

I did write a post on this back in 2007.

Owari ni hikari wo.

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