Thursday, January 10, 2013

Sekigahara Book

There will be a new book on the Battle of Sekigahara out very soon.  Mr. Chris Glenn is the author of the book and here is the link:

Tony Bryant's book Sekigahara 1600: The Final Struggle For Power is the English standard bearer.  It is very good and highly recommended.  I learned a lot from Tony's book and and used his book when visiting the battlefield in 2000-1.  Without his book, I would have never known about Sekigahara  Warland.  I highly recommend a visit there, even if it is a bit tacky.  His book was the real motivator to visit the battlefield in the first place.  Thanks Tony.

The big question now is what will Chris bring to the table?  If it is true and his book will bring a new fresh take on the battle with new information and tidbits, then it will be a success.  I hope so.  One of my main concerns will be the bibliography.  Is the bibliography going to be both English and Japanese with current and reliable works from the big shot historians such as Owada Tetsuo and the gang.  Again, I hope so.  When I was writing my book on the Battle of Okehazama, I made sure I had the most reliable sources I had in both languages.  To tell you the true, it was not easy.

I hope Chris's new book will open many new doors to the battle and bring in a fresh debate on the battle.  I have to admit, I only know the basics because the Battle of Sekigahara is not my cup of tea.  Oda Nobunaga is my cup of tea.  Hopefully, Chris's book will expand my knowledge on the battle.  I wish the new author nothing but success.

Owari ni hikari wo.

Nobunaga no tame!


Michael said...

Looking forward to this book because Sekigahara in many ways is such a pivotal battle .
Tony's book is really the only Eng language book on the subject and despite Turnbull's various articles which offer nothing it is to Tony's book that we look to .
Another book on the battle is very welcome .

otsuke said...

From what I understand, it will have a lot more new information. If it is good like it supposed to be, it will new fresh air which is greatly needed. I know for a fact that the author has done a lot of editing. Let us hope for the best.