Friday, December 21, 2007


Here is the conclusion of the meeting. The Viper had some issues with Nobunaga before he met him at Shoutokuji Temple. Here were the two key points.

  • Nobunaga was no fool. Dosan was able to see him as the man of the future.
  • The alliance with caution was still in tact. Dosan could not invade Owari because Nobunaga was a strong man with character and would pull off the unexpected.
Dosan had to know right from the start he was beat with brains and not by brawl. He then knew Nobunaga was not going to take orders from his superiors. Dosan then knew the type of person Nobunaga was made of. A self-made man. Nobunaga took full advantage of what the Sengoku Era gave. He was able to pull is zany actions with flare and able to get away with it. When Nobunaga brought him army with him, he made sure that he brought the best. The guns, to scare the Viper, the very long spears, and his wild attire to show his father-in-law: Here I am. Dosan knew Nobunaga was rare, but now he able could work with him. I think Dosan spoke harshly about Nobunaga to his retainers to save face. He had to show strength. He would help his son-in-law a year later in the Battle of Muraki (1554) and when he was killed in 1556, he gave the deed to Mino to Nobunaga. A perfect gift. Why? He was able to see Nobunaga was rare and a self-made man who was able to survive in the Sengoku Era than a man who was not.
God Bless and Merry Christmas!

Nobunaga no tame!

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