Thursday, December 4, 2008

Tenka Fubu

Tenka Fubu seal at Gifu Castle, Gifu City.

This slogan alone made Nobunaga a cut above the rest. The is one of the most important slogans in Sengoku history. Created by Nobunaga's Zen monk friend, Takugen Shuon. 1567 was the year the slogan was created as well as the new city of Gifu. Once Nobunaga conquered Inoguchi in 1567, the named was changed to Gifu.

A bulletin board at Gifu Castle Park explaining Tenka Fubu.

Tenka Fubu means "Rule the realm by military force!" or "Rule the empire by military force!"

I will discuss the Tenka matter later next week. Here is a reading list to help.

Elizabeth Berry. Hideyoshi, p. 38.

Fujiki Hisashi and George Ellison. "The Political Posture of Oda Nobunaga" Japan Before Tokugawa Political Consolidation and Economic Growth, 1500 to 1650, pp. 151, 166-167.

Jeroen Lamers. Japonius Tyrannus, pp. 70-71.

The readings will make you think differently about his use of Tenka Fubu and Tenka in general.

Tenka no tame!

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