Monday, January 7, 2008

Takeda Shingen and young Nobunaga

A monk named Tentaku of the Tendai sect went to Kai to visit the mountain monkey(Kai no Yama), Takeda Shingen(1521-1573). Shingen was from the province of Kai (Yamanishi Prefecture) and his residence is now modern day Kofu City. Shingen asked Tentaku where Nobunaga lived. He answered Nobunaga's residence was Kiyosu Castle. He also asked the monk what was Nobunaga's daily activities. Tentaku answered, "He rides the horse every morning and practice with the gun." He also gave Shingen the way of Nobunaga. For example, gun instructor Hasimoto Ippa; bow teacher, Ishikawa Daisuke; and military tactics, Hirata Sanmi. He mentions to Shingen about Nobunaga's hobbies of falconry, song, and dance. He also told Shingen that Nobunaga hanged out with a Kiyosu townsman named Matsui Yukan. As for the songs, Tentaku told Shingen Nobunaga liked "Atsumori" and the other ballad I wrote in my last blog was told to Shingen as well. All of this happened during the 1550s and after Nobunaga took over Kiyosu Castle. The interview can be found in the,Shinchoo Ko-ki, Introduction book,Chapter 21. This is a continuation of Nobunaga's character. Nobunaga was different from the rest and he was more successful than the rest. The photo above is Takeda Shingen, the mountain monkey! As for the monk, he was from Owari, Nobunaga's area.

Nobunaga no tame!

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