Monday, February 4, 2008

Kayatsu 1552

Four months after Nobunaga's victory at Akatuska, another battle took place against the Oda Kiyosu branch. The result of the battle gave Nobunaga a huge advantage over his clan rivals. The incident started when Sakai Daizen and his brother Sakai Jinsuke attacked and took over Matsuba and Fukata Castles. They took hostages Oda Iga no Kami and Oda Nobutsugu. Hearing this betrayal, Nobunaga prepared for war and left Nagoya Castle on August 16th. The army marched to Inabachi Castle, crossing the Shonai and Shingawa River. Nobunaga had some help from his uncle, Oda Nobumitsu, lord of Moriyama Castle. Fighting was heavy and started in the early morning and ended around noon. Many of the Kiyosu faction were killed, including Sakai Jinsuke and Kurobe Gensuke. After the battle, Nobunaga and Nobumitsu went to Daimonsaki Castle to retake Matsuba and Fukata. This was a huge blow to the Kiyosu faction which they never fully recovered. They were weakened to the point where Nobunaga can attack at will. It would be only three years later when Nobunaga occupied Kiyosu Castle for himself. Slowly, the fool would be the complete ruler of Owari.

Nobunaga no tame!

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