Thursday, November 5, 2009

Imagawa Yoshimoto's Tombs

While I was studying and writing about Okehazama, one subject caught my attention. Imagawa Yoshimoto has various tombs in around Aichi Prefecture and in Shizuoka. The one above is located at Daisyoji Temple Aichi Prefecture, Ushikubo Town.

There are seven known to date.

  1. Shogakuji Shinkawa Town, Sukaguchi
  2. Nishio-shi
  3. Daisyoji Temple, Ushikubo Town
  4. Rinzaiji Temple, Shizuoka-shi, Shizuoka Prefecture
  5. Tokai-shi
  6. Okehazama Battlefield (Toyoake City location)
  7. Okehazama Battlefield (Arimatsu location)
All are in Aichi Prefecture with the exception of Rinzaiji which is located in Shizuoka. I have visited all but two. The two are in Nishio and Tokai and did not know about them until I read Mr. Wataru Kajino's book Jimoto no Karo ga Kataru Okehazama Kassen Shimatsuki pages, 98-101.

Here is a photo of the Okehazama Walking Tour that I participated in last month.
Here is also a link to the Moon Viewing Festival.

Here is another link from my friend Dohaland. The Sengoku big armor festival with Nobunaga and the gang.

Tenka no tame!


Tornadoes28 said...

That's interesting. I wonder why there are so many tombs? Are they just various shrines to him I suppose?

otsuke said...

Nobunaga has quite a bit as well. I am bit surprised myself. At the Ushikubo Town area, you can also visit Yamamoto Kansuke's grave as well.

Tornadoes28 said...

There are about 200 Toshogu shrines throughout the country for Tokugawa Ieyasu. But of course he was deified which is why there are so many.

otsuke said...

Wow! That is a lot. Thanks for the information.