Friday, November 12, 2010

White heron

It was said that two white herons from Atsuta Shrine, where Nobunaga prayed right before the Battle of Okehazama, flew to battlefield. The story can be found in the Oze Hoan Shinchoki.

From the pamphlet:

There is a legend associated with egrets in this region. Oda Nobunaga stopped at the Atsuta Shrine to pray for victory on the way to Okehazama. As he was offering a prayer, two white egrets flew up into the sky from the shrine. They guided the Oda army to Okehazama and perched in a huge tree in the Ishizuka-no-Mori. Based on the legend, Mr. Yamaguchi Masayoshi erected this monument.

The landmark is near the Toyoake Okehazama battlefield. The two white herons did appear in the NHK Taiga drama Toshiie to Matsu, believe or not. Again, this story is found in Oze Hoan's work, not Gyuichi's. That being said, I was happy to visit and take photos of the landmark. A must see for anyone who is interested in the battle.

Tenka no tame!

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