Thursday, March 24, 2011

Saito Dosan's jokamachi found?

The past few years there have been many archeological diggings that have uncovered many relics related to Gifu Castle, Nobunaga, and Saito Dosan. One recent discovery was part of a mansion that was burned by Nobunaga when he attacked and conquered Inoguchi (Gifu) in 1567.

When Nobunaga made his final assault to take over Mino for good in 1567, he burned the castle town and soon Inabayama Castle (Gifu Castle) became a naked castle. You can find the conquest of Mino in the Shincho-Ko ki. According to the findings, the discovered site was not a townhouse, but a warriors mansion. Also the mansion was built during Saito Dosan's reign.

This is good news and I plan to visit the archeological site later this year. Here are two links that covered the story.

Nobunaga no tame!


kyushudan said...

Thanks for *unearthing* this news.

otsuke said...

You are welcome. When I was in Gifu last year, I was able to see some other relics uncovered. There was not much, but from I am told, there have been many uncovered. I do plan to return to Gifu later this year and plan to take photographs if possible.

If you ever visit Gifu, the castle, castle park, and the Museum of History is a must see. Of course, the Golden Nobunaga statue in front of Gifu station.