Tuesday, December 20, 2011

2011 Awards

Here are the 2011 Awards.

Book of the Year: The Chronicle of Lord Nobunaga Translated and Edited by J.S.A. Elisonas and J.P. Lamers.

Historian of the Year: J.S.A. Elisonas and J.P. Lamers. Runner-up Wataru Kajino (Mr. Okehazama)

Movie of the Year: 13 Assassins

The Book of the Year was easy to decide. The translation of the Ota Gyuichi's Shincho-Ko ki into English as to be one of the most important works that has been published. If you are a scholar on Nobunaga or the Sengoku Era, this book is a must. You can order through the SA at: http://astore.amazon.com/samurai-20/detail/9004201829

As for the Historian of the Year, enough said on the two who published the book. J.P. Lamers has also done scholarly work on Nobunaga s well. I added Wataru Kajino as the the runner-up since I was able to meet him this year. This man alone has really opened up the Okehazama research. Opened minded and a great sense of humor, Wataru has made sure that the Battle of Okehazama would continue to be the battle that changed Japan.

Movie of the Year was simple as well. 13 Assassins is a manly film that we all want to see. Lots of fighting and blood. No love story drama here. Highly recommend this film to all.

Nobunaga no tame!

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