Saturday, February 18, 2012

Nohime Drama

It is finally about time Nobunaga's lovely wife Nohime (Kicho) will have her own drama. Asahi TV will broadcast the drama later next month. Arisa Mizuki will play the role of Nohime and Yu Shirota the role of Nobunaga. Here is the link:

If you want to know my opinion which actress was the best in the Nohime role, that would be Kyoko Kagawa. She played the role of Nohime in the late 1950s and was superb. Beautiful, young, lady-like, and strong.

The picture is a statue of Nohime at the grounds of Kiyosu Castle. There is a kimono worn by Kikuchi Momoko who played the role of Nohime in the Nobunaga Taiga drama. here is some information on Nohime from Tadashi Ehara's Daimyo of 1867 (p .283) " At their wedding Nobunaga described her as having 'the mind of a genius and the appearance of a goddess,'..."

Nobunaga no tame!
Tenka no tame!
Nohime no tame!


Jon Lenvik said...

Do you know how many episodes it will be?

otsuke said...

I do not know. I just hope the drama will be decent enough to watch.