Saturday, January 18, 2014

Tsushima Festival

It was well know that Nobunaga liked festivals.  He was even at the Kyoto Gion Matsuri in the late 1570s.  In 1556, he was at the Tsushima Tenno Matsuri with his wife Nohime.  It was a summer love at its best.  Kicho&Nobunaga has a great passage on the two at the festival.

Kicho&Nobunaga (Rumi Komonz, p. 41)

"Leaving Hotta's residence together, Kicho and Nobunaga went to the Tsushima Shrine annual festival.  Having only a few bodyguards, twenty-two year old Kicho and her twenty-three year old husband were dressed simply as villagers of Owari.  After a hot and humid day, Kicho relished the fresh breeze by the river.  She snuggled Nobunaga on a cosy makeshift viewing platform to watch the reflection of the numerous lights on the straw boats cruising peacefully down the river.  He was kind.  Trusting her husband's eternal love, like other women in Owari, it was a romantic memory Kicho treasured for many years."

Even though Kicho&Nobunaga is a historical fiction book, this event did happen.  It is important to know that Nobunaga and Nohime did do various activities together besides the war and politics.

Nobunaga no tame!

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