Sunday, November 1, 2015

Dosan Moat

While in Gifu earlier this year, I found a beautiful discovery with the help of locals.  The moat that Saito Dosan built for Inabayama/Gifu Castle is still around and useful for the people of Gifu.  Look at the top picture and the pen shows you were the moat was at during Dosan and Nobunaga's time.  The bottom picture shows you the what moat is used for at the present time.

The location is across the street from Gifu Castle Park.  I had a long chat with one of the local volunteer guides for about an hour on this subject.  Blown away, I was.  The moat that Saito Dosan built and was used during the time of Nobunaga is still around and useful.  The volunteer guide also told me about the current archaeological work being done at the castle park.  He was stunned on how much I knew about the history of Dosan and Nobunaga.  It made his day.

My advice, seek the local volunteers and ask for the castle's secrets.

Nobunaga no tame!

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