Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Nobunaga and ISIS

What would Nobunaga do about ISIS?  The answer is simple.  He would have slaughtered them with no mercy.  Nobunaga knew the confederates that he fought throughout the 1570s could be incorporated into vassal band.  This tick him off to the point he had no choice but to exterminate them.  And Nobunaga did his job well.

Quotes from Japonius Tyrannus:  "curse on the nation and if I do not suppress them, there will never be an end to it.  That is why I wipe them out." (p. 104)

"...I want to exterminate them root and branch this time, I shall not forgive their crimes." (p. 103)

So if you want to defeat ISIS and their ilk, you are going to need a guy like Nobunaga to do the job.  He would send them to hell.

Tenka no tame!

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