Sunday, January 10, 2016

Nobunaga's Free Market

In 1567, Nobunaga issued the free market of Kano at Josenbo (Entokuji Temple of the True Pure Land sect) in Gifu.

  1. For persons moving into this market there shall be no obstruction to their passage within this domain.  There shall be no levies involving debts in cash or rice, on unpaid rent and various taxes, and this shall include erasure of such debt in ledgers; even those here through hereditary succession shall cause no opposition to newcomers.
  2. There shall be no aggressive sales, violence, fighting, or verbal quarreling.
  3. Those attempting wrongful use of the market [such as causing debt through money lending] are forbidden to interfere and there shall be no inappropriate acquisition of lodging [by warriors].
By this command, persons violating these three items shall be quickly and severely punished.
Oda Nobunaga [official signature]
10th month of 10th year of Eiroku [1567]

During Nobunaga's time the Raku-Ichi Raku-Za free market was called the Kano Market in Gifu.  In the Edo Era, it was called the Misono Market.  Also Entokuji Temple during Nobunaga's time was known as Josenbo.

Tenka no tame!

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