Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Nobunaga and Terrorism

With all the snowflakes refusing to grasp Islamic terrorism going on throughout the world, the Uesama was NO snowflake.  He simply took matters in his own hands and did something about.  Jeroen Lamers Japonius Tyrannus, p. 104.  "a curse on the nation and if I do not suppress them, there will never be an end to it.  That is why I wipe them out."

If that damn bird does not sing, kill it!

Uesama no tame!  Tenka no tame!

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Piotr Kropotkin said...

Uh, please don't try to force your indignation on Nobunaga's course of action. Even if a big fan of the heavily militarised approach, he was an intelligent man. He would understand that the solution isn't as simple as "wiping them out" in this particular scenario. I mean, this is radically different in terms of...almost everything really, from the time-period to the scope of the issue.

Any teenager or child who has no notion of international politics or the current international system can come up with this kind of solution thinking it's the best. In fact, probably most people concerned with terrorism thought about or wanted that at some point, myself included.

I feel annoyed by this issue as well; it's frustrating knowing that it doesn't seem close to being solved... Yet, absolute annihilation is not the way to go. And I'm not talking about human rights or anything, I'm saying that going for this course of action will not solve the problem since it doesn't tackle the roots of it. It may, in fact, harden said roots, as it's been pointed out many times before by authors, policy-makers and intelligence personnel.

Anyways, love your blog, keep posting!