Friday, June 2, 2017

Were you there at the Honnoji?

Were you there at the Honnoji where the Uesama died for the sins of the Japanese people?

The Chronicle of Lord Nobunaga (p.470) Ota Gyuichi/Lamers and Elisonas

"Nobunaga first grabbed his bow, but when he had let fly two or three times, the string broke, its time apparently having come as well.  he continued the fight with a spear but suffered a spear wound to his elbow and retreated.  Up to that point his women remained by him but now he ordered them, 'get out, hurry!  They won't harm women.' Once the women had been chased away, he had his personal quarters set on fire, and soon the entire building was aflame.  Not wanting anyone to see his final moments, it would seem, Nobunaga retired deep into his residence, shut the door of a utility room from the inside, and coolly cut his own belly."

Nobunaga no tame!

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