Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Mitsuhide Letter

There is recently a discovered letter written by Akechi Mitsuhide to Tsuchihashi Shigeharu who was in opposition of Nobunaga in Kii not long after the Honnoji Rebellion.  The letter states that Mitsuhide understands that former Ashikaga shogun Yoshiaki will be in Kyoto and one of the reasons why he rebelled against Nobunaga was to restore Yoshiaki to his proper place.  Also Mitsuhide knew he would battle it out against Hideyoshi and seemed to be at ease.  I find that hard to believe since after Nobunaga was killed, Mitsuhide's mindset was one of what to do next.  He waited and made no military decisions, which cost him his life.  Also he underestimated Hideyoshi's diplomatic skills which he made a quick deal with the Mori.

As for Ashikaga Yoshiaki, he was a feeble, cruel, and evil man.  Nobunaga wrote him a letter stating that even the peasants call you the evil shogun.  Nobunaga had the chance to kill Yoshiaki, but decided it was not in the best interests.  He was quoted as saying,"Let future generations be my judge."  After Yoshiaki was banished in 1573, the high and low called Yoshiaki, the "Beggar shogun."

Link: https://t.co/PgpQh89v4B

Nobunaga no tame!

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