Sunday, October 1, 2017

Katahara Isshiki Castle

Katahara Isshiki Castle located in Owari was the home of the Hashimoto Family.  This was the home of Nobunaga's gun instructor Hashimoto Ippa.  His fame to claim was the Battle of Ukino in 1558.  Mikawa Hide has a link on Ippa:

Here is part of passage from the Chronicle of Lord Nobunaga on the Battle of Ukino and Hashimoto Ippa.

"As a man called Hayashi Yashichiro, a native of the village of Asano who was a famous archer, was fleeing from the battlefield with his bow, Hashimoto Ippa, the famous harquebusier, went for him.  Since they were long-time friends, Yashichiro shouted to Ippa, 'I'm not going to spare your life!' 'Understood,' was the response.  Yashichiro nocked a shaft fitted with an arrowhead about four sun (twelve centimeters) long to his bow, turned back, and sent the arrow flying deep into Ippa's armpit.  But Ippa, who had loaded his harquebus with a double charge, took aim and fired too. Yashichiro fell to the ground." (p. 106)

Nobunaga no tame!

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