Thursday, May 3, 2018

Ryusenji and Nobuyuki

Just before Nobunaga assassinated his younger brother Nobuyuki in 1557, Nobuyuki practically turned Ryusenji into a fort.  This made Nobunaga angry.  He already forgave Nobuyuki the first time for treason, second time, no way!  Nobuyuki written his death sentence with the second rebellion.

Photo above is Ryusenji.

Ota Gyuichi Chronicle of Lord Nobunaga (Shincho-Ko ki) p. 93.

"The younger brother of Lord Kazusa no Suke Nobunaga, Lord Kanjuro, built up the Ryusenji, turning that temple into a fort.  He and Oda Ise no Kami (Nobukata) of Iwakura, who controlled the upper districts of Owari, had entered into an agreement to invade the Three Villages of of Shinoki, a fine estate that was part of Nobunaga's immediate domain."

Tenka no tame!

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