Tuesday, June 5, 2018

Okehazama 2018

I just returned home from another fantastic trip to Japan and already planning for next year.  The Arimatsu Okehazama Festival will be held this weekend.  Last weekend I was able to attend the Toyoake City festival, a beautiful festival it was.

I did a walking tour with the Kajino family and I will write about that in the near future.  I want to write about news that the Rokkaku from southern Omi did provide Nobunaga some assistance during the Battle of Okehazama.  According to the Chofukuji Temple, there is some relics that belong to a retainer of the Rokkaku who was killed in action at Okehazama.  That is news indeed.  The question is how did the Rokkaku know about the Imagawa campaign?

This brings me back to the Men of the Fields and their meeting at Ikoma mansion for Nobunaga's dance party.  Hachisuka Koroku and Maeno Shoemon usually had Hideyoshi with them when meeting with Nobunaga.  Without Hideyoshi, the two felt nervous and uneasy when meeting Nobunaga alone.  Guess what?  It happened.  Hideyoshi was not there at the dance party and Koroku and Shoemon had to meet with Nobunaga directly.  Where was Hideyoshi that night?  Kiyosu Castle?  Or requesting help from southern Omi?  It is a stretch, but it is quite possible that Nobunaga did request help from the Rokkaku using Hideyoshi as a messenger.  As for me, I am open about it.  Possible, but chances are not that high.

Nobunaga no tame!

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