Friday, November 2, 2007

Hirate Masahide

Photo of Hirate Masahide's Mansion

Good Afternoon my friends. Today I will discuss my view on Hirate Masahide, Nobunaga's personal adviser. Hirate Masahide was born in 1492. As it is known he took his own life in the first month of 1553. That situation will be explained at a later date. I want to write about the man. Mentioned earlier posts he was superb at the arts and taught Nobunaga the way also. Masahide made the arrangements for his young pupil to marry Nohime in 1548. He was loyal to Nobunaga. Nobuhide gave him a tough task, but he the only person who was up to it. He would do anything to make sure Nobunaga was ready to take claim to the Oda. Masahide almost always took full responsibility for Nobunaga's rash actions. He knew young Nobunaga had potential for the Oda clan, but how to do the job was the tough part. How did he know Nobunaga was heading to greatness? Watch and observe. During Nobunaga's first taste of war in 1547, he saw Nobunaga cool, calm, and collected. That was rare for a young warrior. Masahide then knew Nobunaga was no ordinary samurai. In my opinion, he knew Nobunaga was a genius do to his new way of thinking. Guns, new war tactics, and free trade economics. That is including Nobunaga as well. Even though, he called Masahide an "old man" he had respect for him. Masahide was too traditional and it would be one of many reasons why he took his own life. Masahide was covering up for Nobunaga's mishaps, and making sure Nobunaga was ready for the big one. If Masahide lived long enough to see Nobunaga's success at the job, I bet you your life he was very happy man! Hirate Masahide's mansion landmark is located in Shiga Park. I was lucky enough to go there this year and take a photo.

A photo of Nobunaga during his first baptism of fire in 1547 (Mikawa Kira Ohama). The reproduction is located at Kiyosu Castle.

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