Thursday, November 15, 2007


Good afternoon friends!
I have just blew the dust off of a VCR tape I have received in the Fall of 2001. The tape was filmed in Azuchi at the Nobunaga no Yakata (Nobunaga's Mansion). The tape was and still is sublime. There were several people at the mansion. Ken Watanabe was there and joined the discussion. As for his Nobunaga movie, I have seen the date posted 1989 and 1993. If you watch the video, a date does appear and the movie was done in 1989 by Toei Films. You also notice the great Sengoku Era historian Owada Testuo and novelist Tsumoto Yo gave their opinions as well. Unfortunately, I do not know what broadcast station produced the show. The show has many photos, reenactments, and landmarks related to Nobunaga. Watch it!

Nobunaga at Kiyosu Castle chanting "Atsumori"
and the lovely Nohime with hand drum.
Myself in a kimono and swords.

Tenka no tame!


D_A Renoir said...

I want to see this video. Sounds so interesting. How do I even find it, though?

otsuke said...

A friend from Japan recorded the program for me when I was living in Japan. I do not know the station or when it was broadcasted though.