Friday, August 29, 2008

The VP pick

Wow! As a hardcore Catholic and Knight I am pleased with the Republican pick for VP. Why? Sarah Palin can kick your rear end. A pro life, pro gun(Nobunaga would love her for that), capitalist(Nobunaga again!), the best of all. She is an iron lady! Testu Onna! Going back to work only three days after her son was born this April. I will tell you Nobunaga would hire her in no time at all. She has the no bull attitude just like Nobunaga. A God given gift. I do not care for white women, but she is beautiful for her age. She looks young because she is a redneck. a get er done attitude! Nobunaga was a country boy himself.

So what is the story here? Lawyers, Ivy League brats, and elites cannot compete with the American can do spirit! Nobunaga loved and promoted that type of work ethic in his circle. That was the reason why he was successful in his career. Just do it!

Nobunaga no Tame!

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