Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Happy Wedding Anniversary?

According to Okada Masahito's Oda Nobunaga Sogo Jiten, Nobunaga and Nohime were married on February 24 1549. Most historians has accepted that the couple were married in 1548. If you read the timeline in Okada's book, he has both dates listed. Page 6 has 1548 as the year the marriage was planned and accepted by both the Saito and Oda.

A high possibility is that the marriage arrangement was finalized in 1548 by Hirate Masahide, but Nobunaga and Nohime were married the following year. I tend to stick with the most accepted date, 1548.

Okada's book on page 157 has more details on the wedding. His reference is the Mino no kuni shokyu-ki, Tenbun 18 Year Second month 24 Day both Nobunaga and Nohime were married.

A word of caution: the date could be the Lunar calendar and not Gregorian, so be careful. I suggest the correct year should be 1548 since Owada Tetsuo, Okamoto Ryouichi, and others have agreed that 1548 was the year.

Happy Wedding Anniversary you two.

Nobunaga no tame! Nohime no tame!

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