Sunday, March 1, 2009

Book Review

Title: Oda Nobunaga Otoko no Miryoku
Author: Owada Tetsuo
Publisher: Mikasashobo
Date: 1991
Pages: 245

I found this book by Owada Tetsuo about two weeks ago at Book-Off. What a find. OwadaTestuo sure knows how to blend in academic work with pop culture. Oda Nobunaga Otoko no Miryoku was written as a supplement to the 1992 Tiaga Drama Oda Nobunaga. This book is easy to understand in Japanese. Those who cannot read Japanese, do not worry. The pictures make it very easy to understand what Owada is try to explain.

The book has at least forty frames of the Ehon Taikoki, which is a bonus. this is one of main reasons why I bought the book. If you cannot afford to buy the Ehon Taikoki. this book is for you. It also has a sketch of Azuchi's Seminario as well. Pages 188-197 explain the Oda family so well, it is easy to understand. Page 189 is one of the best. It has a picture of Nobunaga's mother giving her love to Nobuyuki. Nobuhide is minding his business while Nobunaga in rags eating a rice ball or fruit with an attitude "Who are you looking at."

It continues with Nobunaga's offspring. This is one of the better parts of the book. Pictures explain easily how his sons died by battle, sickness, or bumped off. As for his daughters, there is a chart explaining who they were married to.

The book has many details on Nobunaga's life and his battles. Sure, the Nagashino data used in the book is outdated, but is still useful in many ways. There are tons of maps which helps everybody. A picture is worth a thousand words. It does a good job explaining how Saito Dosan knew Nobunaga was no fool. If you need an English translation from Anjokuji Ekei point of view of Nobunaga. Just look at page 101 in Lamers book. This book is very similar to NaramotoTetsuya's Sengoku Busho Monoshiro Jiten.

If there was one negative drawback, the book lacked a bibliography. Kind of strange since Owada usually has a bibliography in most of his books. I think this book was written for the average Joe. However, what about the Nobunaga scholar? This book a jackpot of information. A must have. I am glad I have in my personal Nobunaga library. I know this book will come in handy in the future. One last note: If you have any doubts on Nobunaga. Owada tells the reader that Nobunaga was born three hundred years too soon! I totally agree with that.

Nobunaga no tame!

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