Monday, June 8, 2009

Nijo Castle's stones

Rekishi Gunzo Meijo Shirizu 11 Nijo-jo

I would like to know what happened to the Buddhist imaged stones that Nobunaga used during his construction of Nijo-jo. The magazine above on pages 22-27,36-39 has information on Nobunaga's Nijo-jo. It also has photos of the Buddhist imaged stones that were found during excavation in the mid 1970s.

The question I ask is where are the stones located at? A museum? Can the public view them at all? That is the question I ask. The photos in the magazine are in black and white. However, you can see the Buddhist imaged stones clearly.

Nijo Castle was built when the Miyoshi Triumvirs attacked shogun Ashikaga Yoshiaki's residence Honkokuji located in Kyoto in January 1569. Nobunaga knew something had to be done and he constructed Nijo Castle for Yoshiaki.

Ota Gyuichi's Shincho Ko-ki has an account of the construction. For an English account see Lamers book on Nobunaga. Also see Micheal Cooper's They Came to Japan: An Anthology of European Reports on Japan, 1543-1640. Cooper's book is great since it has Luis Frois account of the construction. Frois does write about Nobunaga using Buddhist imaged stones for construction material.

If anybody has an answer where are the stones located at please let me know. I plan to gives Frois account soon. Since it is long, I plan to break it off.

Tenka no tame!

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