Sunday, December 20, 2009

2009 Favorites

Here are some of favorites for 2009.

Film: (1959) Fuunji Oda Nobunaga with Nakamura Kinnosuke.

Book: (Nobunaga related) Japanius Tyrannus by Jeroen Lamers.

Book: (Non Nobunaga related) State of War: "The Violent Order of Fourteenth Century Japan" by Thomas Conlan

Historian (Nobunaga related) Fujimoto Masayuki.

Historian (Non Nobunaga related) Thomas Conlan.

Owada Tetsuo would have been a no brainer, but he is in a different class by himself. He is the main man to go to for Sengoku history. The reason why I chose Fujimoto Masayuki and I disagree with a lot for what he has to say, the most important thing is that he makes you think.

I love Conlan's work and his State of War book is a must have for any one studying samurai warfare. He is also my of my favorite historians. As for Lamers, Japanuis Tyrannus is a must have for the Nobunaga scholar. Many have e-mailed me about the book. It is the only English book I know that fully covers Nobunaga's career in depth. Still many people do not want to fork out the money for it. I say to them, it is worth every penny. To this day, Lamer's book has been my number one source in English on Nobunaga.
One of my friends in Japan sent me a Christmas care package and I received a book on Shibata Katsuie by Aozono Kensaburo. A great book, but the main problem I have with it so far is that there is no bibliography.

Nobunaga no tame!


Tornadoes28 said...

Japonious Tyrannus is one of my favorite Japanese history books.

otsuke said...

I cannot live without the book. I have to say, Gyuichi's and Oze Hoan's are my core Nobunaga books. Nobody can borrow them at all. They are the family jewels.

Lamers version is sublime, but I wish he wrote more on his military tactics. Other than that, Lamers is part of the my Nobunaga library core.