Wednesday, May 19, 2010

History was made today

Today is the day that Nobunaga turned Japan upside down. His victory over Imagawa Yoshimoto at the Battle of Okehazama changed Sengoku Japan forever. The victory would launch Nobunaga's career to new levels never seen before.

An old photo of Dengakutsubo, the area where Imagawa Yoshimoto met his death. Kajino Wataru and Owada Tetsuo has mentioned that Dengakutsubo was place where Yoshimoto was killed.

The four key points in my opinion were the rain, Yanada Masatsuna's intelligence, Nobunaga's small army, and Okehazama itself. Imagawa Yoshimoto's lack of vigilance and total disrespect of Nobunaga was his demise.

Here is a great line from A.L. Sadler's book on Tokugawa Ieyasu The Maker of Modern Japan, "...Oke-hazama..., was one of the decisive actions of Japanese history, in that it placed Nobunaga in front rank of military leaders, and placed the acquisition of supreme power within his grasp."(p. 56)

More photos from last weekend's festival:

As for the Rekishi Kaido Okehazama issue (pp.56-57), Kajino and Owada got right when they wrote that Yanada Masatsuna provided the detail information on Yoshimoto's whereabouts. After all, he was rewarded with Kutsukake Castle and cash. However, Katsuhiro Taniguchi disagreed due to the Oze Hoan Shinchoki. My take, Yanada Masatsuna did provide the intelligence.

Nobunaga no tame! Tenka no tame! Okehazama no tame!

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