Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Oda Nobuhide's mother

I have been splitting my between studying and watching the World Cup on the tube. So far, so good at the moment. As for my sources for this post, see Okada Masahito Oda Nobunaga Sogo Jiten, pp. 140-143 and Yasuhiro Nishigaya Oda Nobunaga Jiten, p. 238.

Oda Nobuhide's mother was known as Inui or Onunu no kata. She was from the Oda Tozaemon branch and her father was Oda Chikuzen Sukeyori/Yoshiyori. Inui or Onunu no kata passed away in June 24, 1527.

Oda Nobusada (Nobuhide's father) also had a concubine (died in 1545) who gave birth to Oda Nobuyasu's (Oda Ise/Iwakura branch) wife. Nobusada had other daugthers who were married as well. One was married to Matsudaira Kiyosada. Second, Masa Nagayoshi. Third, Otsuya no kata who was first married to Toyama Takumi no suke, who passed away in 1572. She would later marry AkiyamaNobutomo. Otsuya no kata passed away in 1575.

As for Inui/Onunu no kata, I would like to thank Kitsuno and Lordameth of the SA for their help. For more information on Oda Nobusada's wife and daughter's Okada Masahito's Oda Nobunaga Sogo Jiten, pp. 140-143 is your best bet.

Tenka no tame!

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