Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Unifying the country was not easy

Unifying Japan was not easy for Nobunaga. Since he was the aggressor, casualties came with the price of unification.

  • 1552 Yamaguchi Noritsugu rebels against the Oda and switched their allegiance to the Imagawa.
  • 1553 Hirate Masahide committed suicide in protest.
  • 1556 Nobunaga's brother, Nobuyuki revolts not once, but twice. Nobuyuki's death 1557.
  • 1570 Mori Yoshinari was killed at the Battle of Usayama against the Asakura/Azai.
  • 1571 Sakai Masahisa was killed at the Battle of Katada against the Asakura.
  • 1571 Ujie Bokuzen was killed in Ise Nagashima.
  • 1572 Hirate Hirohide was killed at the battle of Mikata-ga-hara.
  • 1573 Hayashi Shinjiro was killed in north Ise fighting the Ikko-Ikki.
  • 1576 Ban Naomasa was killed fighting the Ishiyama Honganji.
  • 1578 Manmi Shigemoto was killed during the siege of Arioka castle.
However others were either banished, revolted, or punished by death.

  • 1575 Mizuno Nobumoto was punished by death for allegedly helping the Takeda.
  • 1577 Matsunaga Hisahide revolted and was killed.
  • 1578 Araki Murashige revolted against Nobunaga resulting in the siege of Arioka Castle.
  • 1580 Sakuma Nobumori and Nobuhide were banished to Mt. Koya.
  • 1580 Hayashi Hidesada was banished.1580 Ando Morinari and Hisanari was banished.
  • 1580 Niwa Ujikatsu was banished.
There were a few more, but Nobunaga paid a heavy price for unification. The price was always paid in blood.

Tenka no tame!

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Tornadoes28 said...

That was the only way he could do it in my opinion. With force.