Thursday, January 27, 2011

Okehazama Senki Final Volume

Earlier this month I was finally able to buy Hideki Miyashita's Okehazama comic, Okehazama Senki. Volume five was the last in the series and I have to admit the comic was not bad at all. According to Mr. Yukio Kajino by e-mail, Miyashita spent a lot of time around the Okehazama battlefield and his work shows.

There were a couple things that caught my attention. One, Imagawa Yoshimoto was a lot slimmer and younger in the comic. In fact, Yoshimoto reminded me of Gackt believe or not. Comics are meant for enjoyment and I did not get too carried away from the historical inaccuracies. Second, people such as Yanada Masastuna, Matsui Munenobu, Okabe Motonobu, Hattori Tomosada appeared. Which I was pleased. Third, was the story in general. The five volume set covered both Nobunaga and Yoshimoto's career, a major plus in my opinion. The rain, intelligence, and the battles were done in good taste.

I am pleased to own all five and have to say, a must have for those who love Nobunaga and Okehazama in general. A special thanks to Mr. Yukio and Akitsugu Kajino for the comics. As for next month, more on Society at War.

Tenka no tame!

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