Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Anegawa Poll

Thanks for everyone who voted on the Anegawa Poll. There were 12 yes and 3 no. I believe that the Battle of Anegawa is Nobunaga's forgotten war. When one discusses Nobunaga's battle history, often it starts with the Unification of Owari, Okehazama, Conquering Mino, March to Kyoto, The Defeat of the Azai/Asakura, The Banishment of Ashikaga Yoshiaki, Nagashino, The Ikko-Ikki, and the Honnoji. Anegawa is only briefly mentioned and that is unfortunate.

The Battle of Anegawa was important for several reasons. The Oda/Tokugawa victory kept the Azai/Asakura at bay and still allowed Nobunaga a pass to Kyoto. If Nobunaga lost the battle, things would have turned messy. In fact, the Azai/Asakura gave Nobunaga a run for his money. Sure, the Shincho-Ko ki, Shinchoki, and the Mikawa Monogatari all have something written about the battle. I encourage people who can read Japanese to check them out themselves. As for a movie, the Nobunaga Taiga drama did have a great battle scene and well worth watching.

To those who are wondering, yes I have been to the Anegawa battlefield, Odani Castle ruins, and Ichijodani ruins. The Battle of Anegawa deserves the respect as one of the major conflicts during the Sengoku Era in my opinion. Links to the battle/books

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