Friday, June 1, 2012

The last chakai

This post will have a passage on Nobunaga's last chakai at the Honnoji the day before he took his life. I think the passage does gives clues what happen that day. George Elison, Dues Destroyed: the Image of Christanity in Early Modern Japan, p. 82. "(Oda's) purpose in coming to the Honnoji was not that of the warrior but rather that of the connoisseur of the major elegantiae of the age, the tea ceremony and the various objects d'art appurtenant to it. He had invited famous teamen and court nobles to attend at a sumptuous display of his precious utensils--a list of the most valuable thirty-eight exists to the present, dated the day prior to the disaster. Nobunaga's tea party proved to be very expensive diversion. He entertained his guests late into the night with talk of his dreams of the past and designs for the future, until the irruption of Ackechi's soldiers ended the pleasantries." Tenka no tame!

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