Thursday, November 15, 2012

Nobunaga and Kyoto

When Nobunaga made his visit to Kyoto in 1559 to meet with shogun Ashikaga Yoshiteru.  During this trip he made visits to Nara and Sakai.  However, when Nobunaga became the most feared man in Japan, he headed back to Kyoto in 1568 along with soon to be shogun Ashikaga Yoshiaki.  Nobunaga's Kyoto lodging was at Toji (picture above).  During his long military career, Nobunaga lodged at various temples or mansions in Kyoto.   There are two valuable resources that includes the Uesama's Kyoto lodgings, the Shincho-Ko ki and Kawauchi Masayoshi's book Nobunaga ga Mita Sengoku Kyoto.

Kawauchi on page 159 has a list on where and when Nobunaga lodged at Kyoto.  He ends up using the Shincho-Ko ki as the main source.  Here is a list on where Nobunaga stayed and how many times.

  • Toji-1
  • Roan in Upper Kyoto-1
  • Mushannokoji in Upper Kyoto (Nobunaga never got to use this facility due to hostilities between him and Yoshiaki.  Yoshiaki gave orders to destroy it and quality of lumber was taken by all who was able to attain it.)
  • Myokakuji-16
  • Shokokuji-3
  • Honnoji-5
  • Nijo-10
If anything that stands out is that Nobunaga lodged more times at Myokakuji than any other place in Kyoto.  Honnoji would later be his pied-a-terre.

Nobunaga no tame!


Daeva-kun said...

Great post!

For my next "Nobunaga Tour" I was thinking to check Kyoto and its temples (but I'll also go back to Azuchi!), your list sure comes handy :3

otsuke said...

Remember that Nijo Castle is not the same during Nobunaga's time. There is a small landmark located in the streets of Kyoto. As for Myokakuji, it is very close to the Urasenke Chado Research Center.

otsuke said...

I made a mistake and it was edited. I previously wrote Shokakuji and instead of Shokokuji. The correct answer is Shokokuji.

D_A Renoir said...

Nice list! I will be visiting Kyoto soon, and I have absolutely no clue what places to visit. This could be a starting point.

Anything Nobunaga-related I can find in Kyoto besides Honnoji and the other temples, though? I would really appreciate recommendations :D

otsuke said...

Honnoji is key. Visit the modern one since they do have a nice museum. Also visit the other Honnoji landmark where Nobunaga died (Other side of the city). There is a restaurant dedicated to him that just opened. You can also visit Amidaji as well. I visited there last year.

D_A Renoir said...

A restaurant dedicated to Nobunaga? I have to see that! What is it called?

otsuke said...

Shinchou-saryou. I plan to write an update post on this probably this weekend.