Thursday, November 1, 2012

Odaka no michi

While I was in Japan last month, I was able to visit the Okehazama battlefield again to do more research.  This photo here is the Odaka no michi which Matsudaira Motoyasu (Tokugawa Ieyasu) used this road to deliver supplies to Odaka Castle.  The road is old, small, and narrow.  In fact, the Okehazama Research center is on the left side of the road and Mr. Okehazama's house is on the right.  You can feel like you are in the footsteps of Matsudaira Motoyasu delivering supplies to Odaka.  This was a rare treat.  I always learn something new while visiting the Okehazama battlefield no matter how many times I have been there.

Later, I was able to have a long chat with Mr. Okehazama, Yukio Kajino, and his son Akitsugu.  Various topics discussed were tactics, both the Arimatsu and Toyoake battlefields, The Men of the Fields, Ota Gyuichi and Oze Hoan's biographies on Nobunaga, and how the Battle of Okehazama changed Sengoku Japan forever.  In addition to visiting the Okehazama battlefied, we made a brief stop at the Fort Muraki ruins where Nobunaga fought the Imagawa in 1554 and won.  I suggest anyone who has the free time and is visiting the Okehazama area to visit the Fort Muraki landmark.  I would like to express my thanks for the Kajino family for taking their time to show me new things related to the Battle of Okehazama.

Tenka no tame!

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