Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Honnoji Restaurant

This is just in, the Honnoji located in Kyoto where Nobunaga died will have a restaurant dedicated to him.  Shincho Saryou will have a menu consisted of Nobunaga's Last Supper and Nobunaga Curry.  I did have Nobunaga's so-called Last Supper, the Nobunaga Zen a few years ago in Nagoya and it was delicious. If it is the same menu, I am in for sure.  Looking forward to this place when I return to Japan later this year.


Tenka no tame!


D_A Renoir said...

Hmm, is that the Honnoji sign? I don't think I remember seeing that when I was at the place... But maybe because i came at night and didn't notice it?

otsuke said...

I took the photo about two years ago. It is still there. If you went at night, good chance that you did not notice it.