Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Nobunaga Festival

I found this out on Facebook about a few days ago and this festival needs to be to known to all who love Nobunaga.  On May 26th, Kiyosu Castle is hosting a Nobunaga Festival. The Kiyosu Castle troupe will be there along with Saito Dosan and others.  This should be a nice festival to go and learn some new things on the Uesama.  Sure, it might be a bit tacky, but it promotes tourism, history, the preservation of history due to the love of the people who participate.  I would love to go and have some fun.  By the way, I do know some of the people who will participating in the festival and they really do a good job.

Tenka no tame!

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D_A Renoir said...

Ah darn, I missed this! I'm going to Japan next week. It would've been awesome if I could see this festival.

Anyways, I'll be in Osaka, Kyoto, and Tokyo. Any good Nobunaga-related places you can recommend me to go?