Friday, July 4, 2014

Shobata Castle News II

Shobata Castle is in the news again as professors and the media are pushing heavily to prove that Nobunaga was born at Shobata Castle.  Professor Harima Yoshinori of Chukyo University was discussing ancient documents such as the Bishukojoshi and others to prove his theory.  His discussion took place at Aisai City Saori Community Center.

There is a major problem professors and the media are not talking about.  Shobata Castle was located near the Owari/Mino border.  The castle was located near enemy territory.  It does not make sense to have your heir born near enemy territory in an age of constant warfare.  Not only that, but Owari was far from being unified.  Nobunaga did that in 1559.  Nagoya Castle was perfect since it was surrounded by family members who were allies with Nobunaga's father, Nobuhide.

My job as a Nobunaga scholar is to provide all points of view to the reader.  With all the data provided from all sides, hopefully the reader will make his own decision.

Tenka no tame!

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