Monday, July 14, 2014

The grim reality of Sengoku warfare

There is a documentary by the Smithsonian Channel on Sengoku warfare.  It is not that bad, it is refreshing that this documentary focuses on the brutal side of Sengoku Warfare.  Even though it focuses on the Hideyoshi/Ieyasu Komaki/Nagakute conflict, this documentary can gives us clues on what Nobuanaga's campaigns might have looked like in the 1570s-early 1580s.

The actual video:

Tenka no tame!


Jon Lenvik said...

Thanks. I will watch this later.

otsuke said...

I understand the so-called armor expert Anthony Cummins is a total quack. He makes Dr. Stevie T. a saint. The show was average at best and learned a few things.