Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Imagawa Yoshimoto Print

Earlier this month I received my Imagawa Yoshimoto Battle of Okehazama Print.  The print is a reproduction.  Yoshimoto's name is located in the upper left hand corner in yellow.  This is the first print I own related to the Battle of Okehazama.  I own lots of photos (old and recent) and postcards related to the battle as well.  Once Nobunaga defeated and killed Yoshimoto at the Battle of Okehazama in 1560, Sengoku Japan changed forever.

Here are three books on Imagawa Yoshimoto I recommend for further reading:

Owada Tetsuo: Imagawa Yoshimoto no Subete, 1994.
Owada Tetsuo: Imagawa Yoshimoto, 2004.
Arimitsu Yugaku: Imagawa Yoshimoto, 2008.

Tenka no tame!

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