Wednesday, July 1, 2015

2015 Okehazama Report I

During my spring trip to Japan, I was able to visit the Toyoake City Okehazama Battlefield on the day of the battle, May 19th.  Little did I know there was a huge media gathering full of historians and politicians.  I was interviewed once I got off the station by local media and gave them my two cents.  Fun it was.  Once I arrived at the battlefield, I met historian Ota Teruo, who wrote Okehazama Kassen Kishu no Shinjutsu, by chance.  A nice man in my opinion and we talked for about an hour about the battle.  Later we went to Kotokuin Temple to see some Okehazama relics.

After an hour or so, the fun begins.  Nagoya Mayor Mr. Kawamura shows up along with a group of big shot historians.  Historians such as Izawa Motohiko and Izumi Kajino (Mr. Okehazama's son, a kind man also), media personality Chris Glenn, and a few others.  Mr. Ota and a few others showed Mayor Kawamura the battlefield and explained some of landmarks.  As for Mr. Kawamura, he was enjoying himself at the fullest extent.

Later a small group of tourists from Shizuoka visited the battlefield.  Mr. Ota and his team gave the tourists a historical lecture on the battle.  I just watched and listened.  The only time I chimed in is when they needed my expertise.  It is great feeling when some other historians ask for your advice.  The people from Shizuoka were nice as well.

There is a never a dull moment when I visit both the Arimatsu and Toyoake Okehazama battlefields.  So if you want to understand the Battle of Okehazama, visit both battlefields and talk to the locals.

Nobunaga no tame!

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