Sunday, July 12, 2015

Kannonji Castle

Kannonji Castle was the home of the Rokkaku family in Omi Province.  The castle ruins is not far from Azuchi and can be reached by a rental bike.  Nobunaga assaulted the castle in 1568 with ease.

Passage from The Chronicle of Lord Nobunaga (Lamers, Elisonas/Gyuichi), pp. 120-121.

"That night Nobunaga set up his headquarters at Mount Mitsukuri, planning to assault Mount Kannonji, Sasaki Jotei's residence, the next day.  Sasaki and his two sons already having fled, however.  On the 13th Nobunaga went up Mount Kannonji and seized the castle by a trick.  As a result, Sasaki's remaining partisans surrendered, pleading for mercy.  Taking hostages to make sure of them, Nobunaga  left them in their original holdings.  Now the whole province of Omi had been pacified."

Sasaki Jotei was also known as Rokkaku Yoshikata.

Nobunaga no tame!

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