Wednesday, December 20, 2017

2017 The Year Of Gifu

2017 was a special year for Gifu since it was the 450th anniversary of its founding by Oda Nobunaga.  Here are some things that went on in Gifu during its year long celebration:

  • Japan Golf Open held in Gifu with Nobunaga as its symbol
  • Water flow and ponds discovered at Gifu Castle Park
  • Nohime's room discovered at Gifu Castle Park
  • Megalith discovered at Gifu Castle Park, used by Nobunaga
  • The highly successful Nobunaga Gallery held in Gifu
  • 2017 Gifu Nobunaga Matsuri
  • Nobunaga exam held in Gifu
  • Nobunaga Gifu Palace tablet used by tourists
  • Gifu FC soccer team Oda crest jersey
  • Statue of Dota Gozen (Nobunaga's mother) and baby Nobunaga at Kani-shi Gifu
  • Numerous Nobunaga Forums held in Gifu throughout the year
There were many more special events related to Nobunaga and Gifu in 2017.  When Nobunaga conquered Mino in 1567, history changed in Japan.  With the help of his Zen monk friend Takugen Shuon, Inoguchi was changed to Gifu (with Chinese) origins along with Nobunaga's Tenka Fubu slogan, Gifu became more prosperous and powerful.  Nobunaga's headquarters in Gifu meant his travel to Kyoto was cut in half, a good thing.

There is an old saying, "He who controls Mino will control Japan."

Tenka no tame!
Nobunaga no tame!

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